Integrating with Third Parties

Travis CI

Travis CI is a continuous integration service that is available to open source projects at no cost.

## .travis.yml
sudo: required
dist: trusty

language: python
python: 2.7

  - docker

  # ensure apt-get cache is up-to-date
  - sudo apt-get -qq update

  # upgrade docker-engine to latest version
  - export DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive
  - sudo apt-get -qq -o Dpkg::Options::="--force-confnew" -y install docker-engine
  - docker version

  - pip install goodplay

  - goodplay -v

Jenkins CI

To run on Jenkins CI you have to configure the following in your build job:

  1. Under section Build choose Add build step > Execute shell with

    pip install goodplay
    goodplay -v --junit-xml=junit.xml
  2. Under section Post-build Actions choose Add post-build action > Publish JUnit test result report and set Test report XMLs to **/junit.xml.


goodplay is built as a pytest plugin which is enabled by default. Thus when running your other tests via py.test command-line interface, pytest also runs the goodplay tests right beside them.


When running goodplay command-line interface only goodplay tests are considered.